About Us

The idea behind the brand was evolved over a longer period of time, and one day it became clear to us that we couldn’t just stand by and keep talking about it - We had to act on it!

“We were drawn towards it, we couldn’t let go of the idea and we knew we had to chase the thrill of aiding people in challenging themselves and create unforgettable memories, by selling reliable high-end outdoors equipment.” 

- It’s about People who wants to challenge themselves, push their boundaries and experience what Nature has to offer. It’s about the Adventure of life.

Wild Wolf Outfitters is a start-up company, based Denmark, founded in 2016. The founders behind the brand, two young brothers Matt and Chris, are determined to provide thoroughly tested products, which has been proven to work in the field.

Everything we do, we believe in challenging yourself, we believe in creating unforgettable memories. The way we will aid you in your challenges is by making our products simple to use, easy to pack and reliable. We just happen to make good outdoor products.

The first howl in America

After more than a year in development and field testing, we were ready to release the first initial products from our product line to the US market.

The experience with the launch of Wild Wolf Outfitters was mind blowing. We knew we weren't alone with our excitement for nature and the wild but we was blown away by the amount of people who showed interest in our brand and products.

More than 10.000 people were involved with the launch of the Wild Wolf Outfitters to the American market, and more than 6.000 people are now following us on Twitter @byWildWolf

The Product Collection

All the products in the product collection are being designed and developed to ensure that you have the reliable equipment needed for any type of adventure and that you have what you need to push yourself and test your boundaries when you’re out in the wild.

Thorough product testing is a part of our philosophy, and we take our product testing very seriously. We make sure that every product has gone through a long and thorough test period in the Nordic countries before launching it to the market. We do this to ensure that it can withstand all kind of rough environments and all sort of situations.

Who’s the team behind Wild Wolf Outfitters?

What nature do means to you?
- Nature to me is the place I go when I need to recharge my energy when I need to clear my mind from all thoughts and start on a fresh. Everybody have days where everything is against them, where things don't go as planned and things start to fall apart. It’s on days like this I tend to go out and enjoy the nature, to get recharged with energy and to clear the mind from all negativity.

What nature do means to you?
- I’ve always been fond of nature and all kind of animals. When I was younger I went outdoors to play with the animals and insects, one of the many benefits of living in the countryside. Today nature is the place I go to when I need to disconnect and relax, it’s my way of hitting the pause button and taking a deep breath.

Why the name Wild Wolf Outfitters?

Wolves can be found all around the world, they live and survive in a lot of different of environments, everything from deserts to snowy mountains and all in between.
This animal is a metaphor for the vision of our brand, we wish to be able to provide the tools and equipment necessary for you to challenge yourself and go out on adventures regardless of the weather conditions and regardless of what environments you’re facing.
- That’s the reason behind the name Wild Wolf Outfitters.