Top 5 Tips to Safely Push Your Limits in the Wilderness

One of the best aspects of nature is that it’s a great place to challenge yourself. However, things can get serious quickly when facing the elements, so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. Are you ready for your next adventure?

1. Define your comfort zone, then go beyond it. There’s no greater rush than the feeling of accomplishment after you’ve conquered something that scares you. But don’t go too far! If you’ve only done day-hikes, it’s not the best idea to suddenly embark on a 7-day backcountry adventure alone. Take it step by step.

2. Let someone know where you’re going! It sounds obvious, but many people forget to do it. If someone knows where you’ll be, they can send help if you don’t come back on time. Tell them your route, your estimated time away, and when they should seek help.

3. Keep your eye on the weather. Weather can change rapidly in remote, high-altitude areas. A sudden storm blowing in could decrease the air temperature significantly and bring an unbearably cold wind chill with it. Always check the forecast before heading out and be prepared for all potential situations.

4. Find people with more experience to go with. Learning to conquer the wilderness is a skill just like any other. So the more knowledgeable people you can surround yourself with on new adventures, the better. They’ll have much better advice than you can read in a book.

5. Use high-quality gear that won’t fail on you. This is key! So many people get into trouble because they skimped out on their equipment. The last thing you need is a leaky water bottle or your backpack strap breaking when you’re 15km in to a 30 km hike…

Anytime you’re headed out into the wilderness, you should be adequately prepared with reliable equipment and knowledge of the area. Nature is a wild beast that can be incredibly unpredictable.

“There’s something about getting out into nature that’s equally humbling and thrilling. I love the serene rush of the wilderness. And whenever I get out there, I want to be damn sure that I can count on my gear.”

Chris Eriksen is a co-founder of the outdoor brand Wild Wolf Outfitters, where he lets his passion for the outdoors fuel their uniquely rugged product line.

“I got into a sketchy situation once on a hike… I had my water bottle clipped to the outside of my pack. Then we stopped to take a break after a pretty steep section and when I went to grab a drink my water bottle was gone! The cap had snapped in half on the way up and we had to closely ration our water the rest of the way. It would have been very dangerous if I wasn’t in a group…”

“After that experience, I was inspired to take matters into my own hands. My brother and I set out to create a brand that people can trust, in any type of environment. All our products go through pretty rigorous testing before we put them in our store.”

Wolves are a fitting metaphor for the brand vision. The species thrives all over the world in conditions ranging from arid deserts to the arctic tundra. Wild Wolf Outfitters was designed to provide the tools and equipment necessary for people to challenge themselves and succeed anywhere on the face of the earth.

“We want to empower people to experience the beauty of nature without having to worry about their equipment failing them when it matters most.”

Chris works hard during the week so that he can properly enjoy his off time outside. To him, “nature has the ability to recharge our energy levels and clear the mind of negativity.”

He’s deeply connected with the outdoor community as well. The inspiration for their product line came from a combination of outdoor experience and getting to know what other nature lovers are craving the most.

“At the end of the day, we built this company to serve our customers. We take great pride in our customer-centered approach and treat everyone with respect. Without a doubt, this is the reason we’ve been able to grow so quickly.”

Wild Wolf Outfitters is two brothers’ representation of outdoor passion and their quest to make nature more accessible to everyone.

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