Apple Cherry Wood Chips for Smoker (Fruit Mix)

  • Apple Cherry Wood Chips for Smoker (Fruit Mix) - 13-15lb - 100% All Natural Wood Chunks for Smoking and Grilling

    🔥The Box with Apple/Cherry Wood Chunks for Smokers + Bonus Apple Chips& SIZE:
    -bag weight is approximately 13-15lb (+/-5%), with their size varying between 2-3 inches each. Smoker wood chunks are a seasonal occurrence, meaning that at some point cherry chunks would be swapped out for peach and vice versa, while the bonus pack of smoking wood chips is apple at all times!

    🔥 100% NATURAL:
    being precision cut out of solid wood logs and completely eco-friendly and organic, Zorestar smoking wood chunks pose no risk of emitting any intoxicating chemicals or fumes, which results in a true smoke aroma and smoking experience!

    - cherry and apple wood chunks for smokers are the perfect addition in cooking beef, pork, salmon, lamb, seafood, or game, as well as vegetables and baked goods. Giving off a mild, subtly sweet, fruity flavor, the taste you get from the apple, cherry hickory wood chunks mix truly can not be compared to anything, while the addition of smoker wood chips makes it even better!

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