Apple Firewood logs 13-15 lbs

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  • Apple Firewood logs 13-15 lbs | Wood Chips for Wood Stove, Fire Pit, Split Seasoned kindling Fire Wood for Fireplace Campfire Indoor Outdoor | Eco-Friendly Natural+ 1pack of firestarters

    -Zorestar apple firewood and wood chips for smoking pack come in a bundle of everything you’d need for the perfect BBQ experience. The total weight of the Fire wood box varies between 13-15 lbs +/- 5%. You will also receive 1 pack of apple smoking mini chips (1lb).

    ✨100% NATURAL:
    Zorestar's Apple firewood logs are great for camping BBQ, fire pit, fireplace, campfire or wood stove indoor or outdoors. Our all natural Apple firewood logs contain no additives and chemicals, and make up for a purely organic ambience.

    - Zorestar's Apple Firewood logs & wood chips for smoker burns well and slowly, making it the ideal choice for grilling poultry, beef, pork, seafood and even vegetables. The size of the firewood logs from apple is about 10 inches each, and it is suited for charcoal grills, pizza oven & solo stove.

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